FDR vs. Reagan

img_3770          What makes a leader the best? What qualifications do they have to make? Typically they are strong, powerful people who are successful and look to the needs of the people. So who are the best leaders our country has had from both parties? In my opinion the best Republican president has been Ronald Reagan, and the best Democratic president was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Here are some of their accomplishments:

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan took office January 20,1981, on a high, strong note. He made immediate and beneficial changes as soon as he took office. One major thing he believed in was not to tax the rich more, but instead tax a similar percentage to everyone. A phrase Reagan frequently emphasized was “Morning in America”. This symbolized a new morning/beginning and a second chance. It challenged America to not live in the past, and to focus on the things to come and how they can make a change. Not only did he accomplish all of these things, but he was also a very likable guy, which helped him in working with the Democratic Congress. He was able to work well with the Democratic Congress, which not only was setting a great example, but it helped him immensely, and got people on his side. He began what became many years of economic growth. Lastly, one of his greatest accomplishment was that he had defeated and finished off their huge enemy, the communists.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FDR was pretty much set up for failure as he was elected during the time of the Great Depression, but he found a way to succeed. He made it a priority to help Americans start new and get back going into a successful future. So many people depended FDR and looked to him for help and guidance. Roosevelt brought to the table a new idea, the New Deal Program. Unfortunately people weren’t too thrilled, but it showed his passion to help the people of America get back on their feet. The tragedy of the attack on Pearl Harbor took place while he was in office, while this wasn’t ideal and was a huge trial, FDR did his best to install hope into the people, and handled it quite well.

If these two remarkable presidents went head to head in an election, I think Reagan would pull it out. He was a very personable president, who sought the needs of the people, that gave a positive look on life and the future. Reagan did have more success during his presidential terms, but Roosevelt did well in the circumstances he faced. Both presidents did great, but Reagan is one of a kind, who got the job done.



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