Top 5 Amendments to Add

imageHere are the top five Constitutional Amendments I would pass:

This is no question. It should be made illegal to have abortions, because it is straight up killing a child. There is something called Fetal Homicide, which is, if there was a fetus killed by violent acts of a pregnant woman, their would be an assertion of fetal homicide laws justly criminalizing them. This is interesting because, according to the 2016 AUL’s rankings, Washington is the least pro-life state of the US, yet they are one of the 38 states that will charge the person with two murders if they kill a pregnant woman. There are many other cross-over states as well. So if one type of murder is counted as murder, then the other type of killing a child should be counted as murder as well, just to keep it consistent.

2. Voters Identification Check
Before the election, my youth group leader said to me, you should just go vote, they barely check if you’re qualified to vote. Obviously, he was joking, but this is concerning, because the voters, are voting of who should make the important decisions of our country. That’s just kind of important. There should be a more thorough check on who’s voting. This may be more time consuming, but it is very much so worth it. This will eliminate more of the voter fraud that we may have, if we have a stricter checking system.

3. Service
This would be a harder one to enforce, but there is a way. By the time you are 18, you should have 15 hours of service completed. If you look at things in perspective, that isn’t very much. America is an all about me country, so it would be nice get a different perspective, from what we typically have, and to go out and give your time to serve in any way. To enforce this, every time there has been an act of service, the organization would send an official documentation of your service, and it would be added to your record.

4. Number of Terms
For this Amendment, I think there shouldn’t be a limit of the number of terms the president runs for. If the president is doing a good job in office, and their 2, 4 year terms are up, and we elect a terrible president, what benefit does that do? That’s like if a coach were to bench you after making 5 3’s in a row in a basketball game. You don’t do that if you want to be successful. There should still be a 4 year term, but the current president should be able to keep running if he’s doing a good job.

5. Eliminate the 3/5 of a vote
Racial equality is a huge issue in our country, and having the three-fifths of a vote takes away from the freedom we have, it minimizes people and discriminates. How can we be unified if we take away from people’s equality?

There are 2 ways an Amendment can be made:
1. When the Amendment started out as a bill. The bill has to pass both houses of legislatures by 2/3 majority, then it goes to the states. It the. Has to be approved by 3/4 of the states.
2. Constitutional Amendments are proposed when 2/3 of both houses of Congress or 23 of the states call a convention. The Amendment is then ratified when 3/4 of both houses of Congress agree or if three quarters of the states agree on it. Finally, the Amendments which have been ratified are, now, apart of the Constitution.

It is uncommon to add an Amendment to the Constitution.


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