What Makes a Bad Government

image                      There are so many different aspects that go into the development of a government, and over the years there have been many ideas shot down, or ideas that have become a reality. Through these ideas, there are many “do’s and don’t’s” which have been figured out over the course of the years. As we all know, every government has flaws, even the “best” government on earth. And before doing research, I was pretty naive to how important it is to have a well run government and how hard it is to run one well. There are so many attributes that go into a well run government, so here is a top 10 list of “don’t’s” in running of government successfully.

10. A government without checks and balances.
A government without checks and balances gives opportunity for one, single person to control everything!  Checks and Balances give limitations and restrictions, so that not one branch of government can become too powerful. An example of a country without checks and balances is North Korea.

9. An un-unified government
Think of any form of leadership today. For example, in softball, there is a third basemen coach and a first basemen coach and if they weren’t unified as a staff, then you wouldn’t be a successful team. They would both be sending different messages to their players, which would result in the team getting no where. This is the same in a government. If there isn’t unity amongst the leaders, the country would be very unsuccessful as a whole.

8. A selfish, self-centered leader
This type of leader would only be looking out for him/herself. This would benefit no one but themselves, and in any type of monarchy, there would be no way to get them out of office. So this is a super important piece of government. If your leader is selfish, they aren’t going to look at the whole picture for the country/nation’s benefit. This is also where the abuse of power can factor in.

7. A lack of enforcement
To gain authority of people, there needs to be an enforcement of the laws and regulations that have been set. If there was a cop that allowed every car he saw go 30 miles an hour over the speed limit, then the people would think they can get away with more, which would lead to complete chaos.

6. An untrustworthy leader
An untrustworthy leader can be extremely detrimental to a country. Someone who comes to my mind is Hillary Clinton with the email issue.  If a leader can’t be trusted, How is it possible that they are qualified for leading a whole entire country?

5. A government who has given all the power and control to one person
This could potentially be super detrimental to a nation. This opens the door to power abuse. It’s so easy for pride to take over in someone’s life, especially someone in a position of great power. So this could definitely lead to terrible things. This is why it’s important to have the leader have something/someone to own up to.
-Ex: North Korea
•the people are completely controlled by Kim Jong Un https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Jong-un

4. A government that doesn’t keep the rights of the people a priority
The rights of the people is one of the most important aspects of any government ran. And if rights are taken away, there would be a lack of equality, and no one would know what they are allowed to do.

3. A government that isn’t focused around what is best for the people and the country.
A government that excludes the people, will lead to the majority of the people unhappy and potentially rebellious and disrespectful, refusing to submit.

2. A government without a solid military
Without a solid Military, there wouldn’t be a sense of security amongst the people. It’s so important to have a well rounded military, to protect the people of the country.

1. A government with no established constitution.
I believe this to be one of the most important factors of a government. Without an established constitution, we would all be in the hands of one person. Our safety, security and our lives. This is crucial because there is so much evil in this world, and to have an evil leader could be a terribly, awful problem to have. And as a whole for the people, without the constitution, there would be no laws, which would result in utter chaos.

These are the main highlights of what I believe make a government bad.


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