Absolute Monarchy


The government style I picked is an absolute monarchy. An absolute monarchy is where the authority has complete power of everyone else. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absolute_monarchy When people here about a monarchy, they commonly think of kings and queens, which have been around forever, since biblical times. The bible, in many ways, mirrors this style of government. In comparing an absolute monarchy to the bible, you could go a couple different ways with it. For example, you could look at it as God is the absolute monarch. This would make sense because God is the ultimate authority, and we all own up to Him. Another way you could look at it is if the kings of Israel were the absolute monarchs. This would also make sense, because they ruled the land at that point, yet they still had someone over them to own up to, which is God.
A mild difference between the bible and the typical election of the next monarch, is that God would elect the next. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Samuel+16&version=ESV God would not pick the “expected leaders”. Instead, he picked people like David, small and without much experience. Today, when electing monarchs, they are typically hereditary, and have been preparing all their life for the position.
Whether a monarch from today, or from the bible, we are told to respect and submit to the king https://theorthodoxlife.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/biblical-monarchy-and-the-book-of-judges/ This type of leadership is everywhere today. For example, a coach of a team could be considered a monarch. The coach doesn’t have to submit to anyone with the way they choose to coach, and as players, you are expected to submit and obey their authority. In any leadership position there are going to beeps and downs. We are human. In a monarchy, if you have a good leader who does things to better the community, it is going to be a well run government style.
A monarchy is a good and biblical type of government because it was used in the past, and it’s efficient, in a sense that the monarch makes the final decision and has absolute power. Even though this style of government isn’t super popular today, it has a ton of advantages to it. It also is comparable to our beliefs. You can look at God as a monarch. He has absolute power, and we are to submit and honor him. The Lord commands us to submit to any governing authority, in Romans 13, so whatever government style you’re under, keep this passage in mind.


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